Set for Spring 2019

Set for Spring 2019 will be hosted by the Scissortail Dance Society in Oklahoma City, March 15-17, 2019. Details and online registration at

SFS History

See the About SFS page for a brief history of Set for Spring.

Set for Spring 2015 in Houston

Set for Spring 2015 was held in Houston the weekend of March 13-15, 2015 and featured Joseph Pimentel with Goldcrest: Paul Oorts, Daron Douglas, and Dave Wiesler. Houston will host SFS again in 2020.

Joseph Pimentel Goldcrest

See the Dance List page for a full list of the dances that Joseph called in 2015.

Dance and Tune

For the 2015 event in Houston, Joseph wrote a celebratory dance to a tune by Dave Weisler, both called Set for Spring. Instructions for the dance with teaching notes and background information and a PDF of Dave's tune can be found on Joseph's website.

Dave made a "solo piano, quick-and-dirty with no editing" recording of the tune that he's graciously allowed to be distributed for those groups needing to dance to recorded music. Here it is: Set for Spring on piano.

A video of the inaugural dancing can be found here on YouTube.

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