Set for Spring 2017

Set for Spring 2017 will be hosted by the Traditional Austin Area Dance Association at the Ben Hur Shrine Ballroom in Austin on the weekend of March 24-26, 2017. Joanna Reiner Wilkinson will call to the music of Persons of Quality.

Details are at

Set for Spring History

See the About SFS page for a brief history of Set for Spring.

Set for Spring 2015

Set for Spring 2015 was held March 13-15 in Houston, Texas, featuring Joseph Pimentel and Goldcrest: Paul Oorts, Daron Douglas, and Dave Wiesler.

Joseph Pimentel Goldcrest

Thank you to everyone who attended and who volunteered before and during the event!


See the Dance List page for a full list of the dances that Joseph called.

This year's festival featured the debut of a new dance by Joseph (a fun longways progressive "USA" dance with chorus) danced to a new tune by Dave (written on the flight to Houston). Both the dance and tune are called Set for Spring.

Click for the video of Set for Spring that Joseph shot from the stage during the Saturday morning session. Dave's tune and the dance instructions, including Joseph's notes concerning the dance, can be found on Joseph's web site.

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