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Houston Area Traditional Dance Society

Houston Area Traditional Dance Society

Highlights of the HATDS Bylaws

This is the Cliff Notes Version of the HATDS Bylaws. The full bylaws should always be consulted for details. They can be found on the main bylaws page.

  1. Our fiscal year is June 1 to May 31. (2.01)
  2. Our membership year is September 1 through August 31. A member is a person 18 years or older who has paid dues. 20% of the membership constitutes a quorum. (3.02, 3.01, 3.05)
  3. The required Annual Meeting of the Members usually occurs in May although it can occur in June. (3.06.01)
  4. The Board consists of five directors. Decisions made by the Board require the approval of at least three directors, even if only three directors attend a meeting or vote on an issue. (4.04, 4.01)
  5. The term of the Board of Directors starts and ends with the annual Transition Meeting, a.k.a. the Annual Meeting of the Directors. (4.03)
  6. Notice of all regular board meetings is to be given to HATDS members at least seven days before the meeting. A report of every board meeting is to be given to the members within 30 days of that meeting. (, 4.06.04)
  7. Tap for a note about item 6.

    The notice requirement and reporting requirement can sometimes overlap/conflict. It is strongly suggested that boards schedule and publicize meetings months in advance, thus satisfying the notice requirement and leaving only the 30 day reporting requirement to be met after each meeting.

  8. The required officers are President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. The President and Secretary can not be the same person (state law). Only the President and Vice President have to be on the Board. (5.01, 5.02)
  9. A committee that oversees a budget must keep accurate records of its activities and make regular reports to the Board. It must have a chairperson, bookkeeper, and recording secretary. The chairperson and secretary can not be the same person. (6.02)
  10. We must keep accurate financial records and accurate and complete minutes of all meetings, both of the Board and of the Membership. (8.01)
  11. Nominations for the Board of Directors must open at least four weeks before the Annual Membership Meeting and close no later than two weeks prior to the meeting (to allow time for ballots to be mailed when there are more than five nominees). (13.03.02)
  12. When there are only five nominees for the Board, the nominees are considered elected at the close of nominations (although they don't take office until the Transistion Meeting) and there is no formal election. (13.03.04)