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Houston Area Traditional Dance Society

Houston Area Traditional Dance Society

ECD Basics

At HATDS ECD we teach as much as is needed at every regular 1st and 3rd Sunday dance, where everyone is welcomed regardless of dance experience or skill. However, we occasionally have a program designed for experienced dancers only.

An event for experienced dancers is one where the basics listed below are not taught but advanced figures and timing are taught and work-shopped. Please do not invite new dancers to one of these events!

The program of an advanced or challenging event will often include a few easy dances that we've done at our regular dances, but walk-throughs will be shorter and the caller will stop prompting sooner.

The Basics

Formations, Orientation, and Positions

  • 2 / 3 / 4 / etc couple sets
  • Duple minor longways (hands 4) and its progression
  • Triple minor longways (hands 6) and its progression
  • Circle formation
  • Up/down the hall or set
  • Top/head and bottom/foot of the set
  • Proper and improper positions
  • Partner, Neighbor, Corner positions

Dance Figures

  • A double, as in up a double and back.
  • Siding (into line or straight siding)
  • Arming, which we do with a forearm hold.
  • Back to back / do-si-do
  • Cast
  • Circle
  • Circular hey (no hands)
  • Crossing (either straight across or up/down through another couple)
  • Figure 8, both half and whole
  • Forward and back (up and back a double)
  • Gate
  • Gypsy or right/left shoulder round
  • Hands across star
  • Hey for 3 or 4 (basic heys), both across the set and on the sides
  • Lead down/up
  • Poussette
  • Rights and lefts (a circular hey with hands)
  • Right/left hand turn
  • Setting
  • Step and honor
  • Slipping / chasse step
  • Turn single
  • Two hand turn