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Houston Area Traditional Dance Society

Houston Area Traditional Dance Society

Membership 2023-2024

All memberships must be entered and paid online using a credit or debit card or a PayPal account. We no longer accept paper forms or take cash or checks for memberships.

Safety Agreement

The Houston Area Traditional Dance Society (HATDS) strives to ensure a safe dance environment for all participants and takes reasonable steps to do so. The venues where we hold our events do the same.

These steps include

  • limiting the number of participants when necessary;
  • posting and enforcing our Code of Conduct (PDF), including denying admission to anyone who violates the Code of Conduct;
  • encouraging good social and dance etiquette.

It is impossible to eliminate all risk. By joining HATDS and participating in any HATDS-sponsored event, everyone listed on this membership

  • acknowledges that the close contact inherent in contra and English country dancing involves some risk, including the transmission of infectious diseases and physical injury;
  • accepts the risks inherent in that event.

Everyone on this membership also agrees to do their part in minimizing risks by, among other actions,