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Houston Area Traditional Dance Society

Houston Area Traditional Dance Society

About Member Texts

Terms of Service

HATDS sends texts only to members who have opted-in to the service. You must renew your HATDS membership each year in order to continue to receive member texts.

If you do not renew by October 1 each year, your number will be automatically unsubscribed.

The phone number that you use for member texts must be a number listed in your current membership record.

You can unsubscribe anytime by following the link in each text message or by going directly to the unsubscribe page.

HATDS texts are outbound only; do not reply to them. To contact the HATDS Board, email

Unexpectedly Unsubscribed?

You will be automatically unsubscribed if you do not renew your HATDS membership by October 1. We will email and text you reminders in August and September.

A phone number may be unsubscribed if it is not in your current membership record. This might happen if

  • you subscribe online using a number that you did not enter when you joined.
  • you list one number on the membership form one year and a different number in another year. The number that is not current will be unsubscribed.

To change the phone number we send texts to, either resubscribe with the number you entered into the membership form or email our membership coordinator and ask to have the number in our membership database changed to the one you want texts sent to. Once the membership database is updated, you may then resubscribe to member texts.