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Houston Area Traditional Dance Society

Houston Area Traditional Dance Society

Using SignUp Genius

This page is designed to answer questions about and help you use SignUp Genius to volunteer for a specific job at a dance on a specific date.

Why Sign Up Online?

With SignUp Genius you can

  • See who has signed up so far and what needs to be done
  • Sign up 24/7 at your convenience from home
  • Add your dates to your electronic calendar
  • Add/edit/swap your responsibility easily if plans change
  • Get email or text reminders or view your personal calendar

How to Use SignUp Genius

Go to the HATDS signup page . Find the date and the job you'd like to sign up for, put a check mark next to that job, and click Submit.

SignUp Genius with no one signed up

The only thing that you must enter when you sign up is your name, but even then you don't have to enter your full name. Just don't use an alias; we need to know who you are. So if your name is Jane Doe, you could enter J Doe, Jane D, or Jane Doe.

You do not have to enter your email, although if you do SignUp Genius will send you a reminder a couple of days before the dance.

You do not have to create an account with SignUp Genius to use it. In fact, we suggest that you don't create an account!

SignUp Genius form asking for name

When you are done, your name will be listed for the task and date you chose.

SignUp Genius with names filled in

Many hands make light work.