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Houston Area Traditional Dance Society

Houston Area Traditional Dance Society

Contra Hall Manager Duties

Sign up at our SignUp Genius Contra Dance page . The contra hall manager gets in free.

At the dance hall (do in this order):

  1. Arrive by 6:45 and be the first or second person in the hall.
  2. Turn on the overhead lights (the switch is by the armoire) and fans (dimmer switch by the thermostat). Do NOT turn on the incandescent lights (other switches by the thermostat); they heat up the hall in the wrong way!
  3. Set the AC to 68 to 70° (press the center, turn the ring).
  4. Remove the black and white folding tables from the office. The black card table is used by the door manager and the white table is used by the sound tech.
  5. Move the ballet bars into the office.
  6. If the computer is out in the hall, move it into the office or hall.
  7. Put out chairs (there will usually be help for this).
  8. Open the curtains if they're closed.
  9. Assist the sound tech or door manager if you can.

During the dance

  1. Dance! Have fun!
  2. Check and, if necessary, reset the AC.

At the end of the dance

Everything should be left as we found it, if not better.

  1. Supervise replacement of chairs, ballet bars, computer, and folding tables.
  2. Make sure any orphaned disposable water bottles are put in the recycle container. We do not need to empty the recycle bin, only the trash.
  3. Check all trash containers.
    1. If more than 1/3 full, remove and replace the trash bags.
    2. If there is any food in any trash bag, replace the bag.
    3. The bags are behind the curtain in the hallway restroom.
    4. The full bags can be put in the dumpsters near Domino's.
  4. Items left by our dancers go in the cabinet in the restroom by the band.
  5. Turn off the fans. The AC will reset automatically.
  6. Turn out the lights and lock the door.

Thanks for helping!

After 15 years of dancing, I realized that someone has to do work to keep the dances going. What a revelation!
~ Gaye Fifer